Friday Fun

     I am so excited.  I am have been playing on a consistent basis for a month now. And this weekend friends are coming from Connecticut to visit and run the Grand Rapids marathon. ( They are trying to cover a marathon in each state…not for me but good for them!) We lived in Monroe, CT for 5 years and I do so miss the friends I made there. So it will be great to see them.

     I am ripping out stitching from the previous machine disaster. Machine quilting is no fun to rip out. With each stitch I rip out, I wonder why in the world I kept going so long….So hope to have a finish for you next week. I have been working so hard this week, but it had been kids stuff and house stuff.

     Since I have no real art to show you today, I will give you a Friday Moment . I found this blog-Amanda at Soule Mama and it is a really nice place to go to visit. She is renovating an old home and that’s something that I love to watch. That and the simplicity of a room that has nothing in it. An “Ahh” moment. At the end of the week.

     My Friday moment- Lucy in the leaves loving fall. Aren’t we all? Storing it up.

     Another link for you- Film in the Fridge. Someone in Burlington, VT who had carved out a nice little niche for herself and makes really fun quilts. I enjoyed her quilt from yesterday. And was excited that there is a new fabric and yarn shop in Burlington, nido.  I will check it out at Christmas when we go there.

     But first, I will enjoy fall. Be creative, my friends!

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