Almost #4 and #5 for Project Joy

     I know, I know that almost doesn’t count but this has been crazy week and I want to show you almost. This blogging thing is a bit crazy and I have to admit to you that I missed it this week when I couldn’t keep up with it. I felt like I was letting you down. Or I wasn’t pulling my end of the deal . What is really strange is that I am completing things, I am not sure I even like. Just to have something to show you. Which makes me feel a bit vulnerable and not necessarily proud of what I am producing. But what I am ” getting out of ” this whole thing is a great bit of humility, a great sense of respect for those who do this blogging thing well and much improved construction technique for sewing  just because I am sewing more.

     I have finished #4 except the binding so I know it doesn’t count just yet. It looks like a spider web and I am happy to say Betsy -my new machine-did her part. After a software update and two new parts for a machine less than six months old,  she still needs to win me over though. I am skeptical.



      The binding will be done tonight while I watch tv with the kids. I did some random crazy quilting over a very chaotic quilting.

  # 5 I am not sure it is worth saving. It was in the middle of the whole sewing machine debacle and I am sick of wavy. So am in a quandry of whether or not to finish. I did spend 2 hours trying to pick out bad stitching. Yuck.

       My husband brought home thirty roses yesterday to celebrate our first date thirty years ago. What a nice and romantic guy I have.

     I am very grateful for him! Now, on to sewing. Happy sewing, my friends.

5 thoughts on “Almost #4 and #5 for Project Joy

  1. Colleen Kole

    A yardstick and blue painter’s tape. I just did a few lines in one direction and then moved to another direction. I was able to re-use the tape about 4-5 times before needing a new piece. This isn’t huge so haven’t tried it on really big pieces yet!

  2. lcroswell

    I know this quilt is not one of your favorites but I like the architectural nature of it in its (almost) finished form. It makes me think of walls, floors, roof lines and windows – kind of a construction site. And I love the little pieces of prints you added too.
    You go girl!

  3. Tod

    You’re onto something with this one. It’s very dimensional. The contrast of order, asymmetry and color work well together. You may have found part of your artistic voice here. Take a close look at the process you used to salvage this piece. It may contain clues.

  4. Colleen Kole

    Hey there! I think you are right as I am currently drawn to any kind of architectural line and as hard as that was for me, there was great relief in the end product. I felt like I had resolved it. I’ll need to keep this in my mind while I create the next one. Thanks for your comment.


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