Project Joy #3: Perseverance

       I can’t believe this one is done. I made it late last February just as a means of using up strip sets and playing around with another neutral color-the tans and khakis. The process of finishing it with all the machine issues just about made me give up on it. But I left in the areas of stitching that were less than average and a bit wavy. I had fought with it in areas that left it even more wavy when finished. Or it ended up that way because I densely quilted it ( six spools of thread later ) or strip sets just stretch. But it the end , it is done.

The Perseverance Connection
And done is all that matters today.

    Can you tell I’m excited?   Happy sewing, my friends!

3 thoughts on “Project Joy #3: Perseverance

  1. paula

    thanks for you comment 🙂
    nice to see your blog…great pictures and quilting going on over here. i can see why you like lisa c’s…i see a resemblance. good for you for getting this up and figuring out header pictures and sidebar thingies!


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