Sweet Peas-UFO #2 Project Joy

     I did persevere this weekend and did what I could with my limp-along machine. I feel a bit of desperation sinking in as I did something I have never done before-I put half of a binding on an unfinished quilt. It’s just a flat binding and that side of the quilt was done, so why not? I guess half of my quilting rules are just that. Silly rules. It felt good to move ahead even if it was just a weak attempt at ahead.

    Machine update: Clare will come home today. Betty will be taken back to the dealer and war negotiations undertaken. Not really mad , just sad and need to move on.

     I did finish this small work. I am in a fiber arts group and we have been working with different fun stuff-Shiva paintsticks, TAP paper, Lutrador, fabric paint, setacolors when we meet once a month. This little guy has some Shiva paintstick work on it as well as the base made of hand-dyed fabric. The thread is a really heavy silk which I have fallen in love with. It was relaxing to make the needle do what I wanted-in my hands instead of relying on a machine.

                                                              Sweet Peas

     I also started to piece a back for one of my UFOS. Yes, you say-who would have time for that when you have 6 more? Oh, just the patient one waiting for her machine to be fixed.


     The back is on top of my quilt top. Crazy yes I am. Or just spinning out of control….  Off to volunteer at Operation Christmas child. Hope you have your boxes packed. Happy Sewing, my friends.                                          

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