Done Hibernating

     I traveled to Vermont the day after Christmas, and I feel like I was a bear hibernating for the past week.  The weather was really dreary-rain, snow, rain but not unusual for this week.

I would sleep, read, play games with the kids and then come up for food. The daily walks never stopped. There was the occasional burst of energy but just lack of focus. I was getting frustrated and then I was reminded by my husband that it’s ok to take a vacation.

     So,  I relaxed and gave in to the vacation.  And I have woken up and feel much better. But I forgot the proper pile of fabric I had sitting on my table to bring with me. So, I made do with what was here without panicking.

Charity Baby Quilt, 2012, 36×36

     Made a charity quilt to get going again.

     I feel ready to move into 2012. Last year was my year of the technique learning as much as I could about different techniques and I believe this year is the- year of focus and doing the work.

     Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Done Hibernating

  1. Judy

    Happy 2012 to you too!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!
    Your photos are lovely. I’m a transplanted New Englander, so I always feel comforted when I see photos of my homeland, so to speak.



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