Pressing Matters

Last spring when I was at a workshop, my iron died. It’s a frustration to me but not a surprise when an iron dies.  I ask quite a bit from my irons as they are working for me for me at least a few hours each day.  I am sure your regular household consumer irons only once a week.  Iron replacement seems to be a yearly or six month occurrence lately and I feel as if I am always replacing an iron. So I spend time researching which iron has the most reliable reviews and I choose the best iron for the best price.

But , at a workshop, my only choice was to go to your local big box store across the street from the hotel and choose an iron as soon as possible. I chose this little guy for all practical reasons: he is cute and vintage looking. I threw all my research out the window for cute and vintage looking.




I love this little 25$ iron . It is a bit heavy but the heat is wonderful. I also love the sharp tip which makes for nice smooth ironing and pressing out those pesky stubborn seams. I never use water in the iron (only in my spray bottle) so I can’t vouch for how well it produces steam.  And about 6 months later, it is still working strong for me.




Back to work for me today. I am working on designing a large piece which is always a challenge.

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