bothered by the end result

     It’s in small letters because as much as I would like to keep it a secret, I have to tell you the truth. I hated what I showed you yesterday. Hate is a strong word-disliked. And it bothered me so much I had to go work through it again(ok maybe the series thing is sinking in) or try something different. I can visualize what I want the design to be but can’t execute it yet. Don’t get me wrong- there is improvement- the sewing construction and the speed at which I work is improving. But, the not being able to do what I want is bigger-my frustration- than not wanting to show you yucky stuff.  I’d show you if you were here having coffee with what doesn’t work -so i might as well confess here too.

    It’s all part of the process, I know. I started something new. I pieced like you would a crazy quilt. With no plan in mind -each piece directing the next.  Smaller. I feel like hand stitching today.

     I like it but think it looks too much like many other people’s creations….ugh…..but I”ll keep working through it.

    Happy sewing, my friends.

2 thoughts on “bothered by the end result

  1. paula

    i dont know how long you’ve been working/quilting…but i do know that process usually takes a long time to learn/earn. and it changes hopefully too. i never like showing people works in progress as it messes with that process. for me it needs privacy and to marinate. so i get it that you would not enjoy showing what you showed us. just know what we think doesn’t matter really, especially when it comes to a work IN progress!

  2. Colleen Kole

    quilting for 20 years but with a pattern-working at art improvisationally for 2 years-seriously for the past year. Reading, working, looking and working some more is what I do. Guess I am currently bothered by not being able to do what I see inside my head -translating it to my medium-is technically what I’d call it! Just a newbie here…


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