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Lake Michigan shoreline

The last few weeks have been a bit of a struggle. I am slogging through this historical winter we are having here in Michigan. I can’t quite remember shoveling this much snow before and I admit the dreariness is getting to me. So my husband and I planned an impromptu trip to Florida for four days to visit long time friends and I was super excited to exit MIchigan for a brief glimpse of warmth.

And the morning that we were going to leave my son woke up sick. My daughter’s car was very sick and ended up in the shop. And the refrigerator/freezer which was fully stocked went out.  All of those things are easily fixed but not in the four hours prior to leaving so we cancelled.  Yup, I missed the sunshine and warmth and  decided  instead to join the winter. My husband and I took a trip to Lake Michigan to see how frozen it is which is at unprecedented levels of freezing. It was beautiful and we walked out on the pier which was really a weird feeling this time of year.

Ignore the sign and walk on the pier:)

Ignore the sign and walk on the pier:)

Many others walking on Lake Michigan

Many others walking on Lake Michigan


This past weekend we went to Vermont for our annual President”s week ski trip. I sew, snowshoe and they ski.  The first day here it rained buckets and skiing was impossible. The next day I was so antsy, that the minute I saw the sun, I strapped on my snowshoes.  I didn’t even think of the temps in the 40’s and all the rain we had the day before.

As I trudged across the meadow to the top of our hill, I almost gave up. My snowshoes were sinking up to about my knees so it was as if I was on an elliptical machine. I laughed as it was such a touristy thing to do and I really do know better. Snowshoes sink in soft snow. But winter had made me crazy and I was going to walk on the trails no matter what.





And after lots of sweat and effort, I made it up the hill to the cross country trails which made for a little easier walking.













Nothing better than walk in the woods in February at my Vermont home.  Winter is good as long as the sky is blue every once in awhile! We don’t have that in Michigan with all the lake effect clouds from Lake Michigan.




I was very happy to take the snowshoes off and walk past my neighbors home up the hill. She is 91 and still mows her lawn and has a garden. I hope I can be like her at that age.




After my walks, I went back to work on another Rooflines piece.


Peace in the woods and peace while piecing.


6 thoughts on “All Things Winter

  1. Maria Shell

    Thank you Colleen! This was a lovely photo journal. I know you poor Michigan dwellers are getting spanked with weather this year. I’ve been wondering what it all looked like. Great post.

  2. Gail Baar

    Beautiful pictures Colleen. You really have a gift for photography. I am finding the best way to get through the winter is to ignore it! And get out every day and walk. And remember that I grew up in Minnesota where every winter is like this.

    1. Maria Shell

      Gail- You do have the right idea. Living in Alaska, we are used to brutal winters and walking outside is key. This year, when spring comes you will celebrate! We call it Break Up season here. Roads become rivers, and parking lots become swimming pools. And then everything is green. It is just around the corner.

  3. Karen Christensen

    Colleen this has been one of the most snow filled winters I can remember. Your wonderful snowshoe walk makes me feel a bit better about it all. At least there is beauty in the winter world even when the snowshoes sink deep into the snow. Glad you had some milder temps and sunny skies. I am on the west side of lake Michigan so we get more of those sun filled days here. Usually though the sunniest days are also the ones with the single digit temps as well! Love the colors on the quilt you’re working on.


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