Just a Monday

     I did end up finishing all five of the baby quilts last week- technically, 4 quilts and one double recieving blanket. They looked pretty by the window as the sun peeked out late this afternoon. They will be delivered next week at our guild meeting. I can’t believe I was done a week ahead of time. Not because I was organized but because I put the meeting date on the calendar wrong.:) Oh silly me.

    I did start another top today. However, it just didn’t end up the way I wanted it to be.

 So, I think I will piece it together and use it as a base for something different or just cut it up! I have wanted to try two things. One to quilt something heavily on the machine and then go back and hand sew heavy thread -almost embroidery weight onto the finished piece. Or -if I am really brave- to machine quilt it and then paint it. Either way, I would only lose a day of sewing if I don’t like it.  I know – just want to keep trying things. Sooner or later something will work for me.  It’s just Monday.


One thought on “Just a Monday

  1. Jeana Marie

    Sometimes those little mistakes in scheduling can be beneficial…I tend to get things mixed up the other way round missing appointments and so forth! The quilt top you are starting looks like its going to have a really nice rhythm.


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