Another Learning Moment

The first snow 2010: December 1

       Late this year.The snow.  Looks silly with the sunshine in my banner….ahhh…it’s just the week….
       By trying to juggle this new potential career -art and mommyhood- or maybe it’s just working at home-I am learning alot about myself. Take for instance Monday night. 260 women to serve punch, cookies, cheese, crackers, fruit, coffee, tea and water. Sounds good. I can help. I am at home. Sure. Well, I did have two wonderful kind generous friends to help. BUT, clearly, I didn’t have enough help. I was whooped on Tuesday morning. All went well at a  lovely Christmas gala but really Colleen. Lessons learned this week already:

1.Ok to volunteer but look at the calendar. Don’t overcommit. Plan ahead.
2. Learn to delegate. (What was I thinking? )

It’s all a blur but it’s behind me. 🙂

I am now on to binding #3.

I am bribing myself to get this done so I can try this:

I bought a few thermofax screens on Etsy which I will tell you about tomorrow. I won’t get to try them out today (now that’s a realistic statement) but more tomorrow on them. Do you bribe yourself like this? If you get A done, you can play with B? That’s also the whole focus part, isn’t it? My head hurts from learning so much about myself so early in the morning!

I haven’t forgotten I owe you the fourth giveaway. Just haven’t had time to think about what it might be!

I will focus for you today.

Be creative, my friends! And breathe if you don’t have time to be.

2 thoughts on “Another Learning Moment

  1. patty a.

    I have been wanting to do some screen printing too. I will be looking forward to your posts about this and learn as much as I can from your process. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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