Shelburne Museum : Part One

     Last week we ventured to the Shelburne Museum. I wanted to see the two exhibits there:  Velda Newman  and Wyeth Vertigo.

Velda Newman quilt: Sunkissed
Velda Newman quilt: Zinnia
Details of Velda Newman quilt :Zinnia

Her work is spectacular and the colors just as vivid as these pieces. They are large too, hence the title of the exhibit.

     No photography at The Wyeth exhibit but seeing the work of the 3 generations of  the Wyeth family was really a treat.

     Both were excellent exhibits and if you can make the time to squeeze in a day there yet this summer, I highly recommend it. You might be able to see their new gallery and workshop space which will be open year round. It does not open for about another month.

    I am still working on existing projects and making slow and steady progress on the gifts.

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