The Petting of The Fabric

       No, it really was the clean up of the studio. 🙂  I had gotten to the point where I kept losing my rotary cutter amidst the three tables and piles of fabric. And the scraps needed to be sorted and organized. I had too many piles to find the one-the only one I wanted- I needed for the binding. It’s almost back to normal. And after folding and sorting,  the missing piece of fabric was found.

     I also  prepared my “to go” basket.

     My “to go” basket is what keeps my sane for the next few months. It keeps my hands busy while I wait for sport practices, driver’s ed, guitar lessons,  and anything else that comes our way. We have a tournament this weekend and four games. Indoors in case you are thinking that we are playing outdoors already. No. Not yet.

     Ok, back to my basket. This is what is in it today.

1 . 2 sewing projects that need handwork and/or binding ( no sneak peeks-you will have to wait until they are done)
2. my sewing kit
3. my journal
4. my pencil case
5. one scarf.  I really want this done soon.
6. one book

     I have turned into the bag lady.

    But my kids have stopped being embarrassed by my knitting or sewing during the breaks. And every once in awhile someone will stop and ask to see what’s up now in my basket. What’s in your “to go” basket? Or do you leave it all at home?

     Be creative, my friends!

**Photos from Meijer Gardens-I know they have little to do with sewing but isn’t it beautiful there?

One thought on “The Petting of The Fabric

  1. lcroswell

    Hmmm. Your basket sounds pretty much like mine. I have carried a large tote for way too long. It always contains:
    current knitting project (or two)
    crossword puzzles/sudoku
    sketching/watercolor kit with journal
    several magazines
    folder with coupons for Joann’s, Michael’s, etc
    lint brush (so I’m not embarrassed by dog hair)
    bottle of water and maybe a soda
    whatever I might specifically need to get done for the day.
    It’s heavy, but I never lack for things to do. 😀


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