The White Flag of Surrender

      That’s what I feel like doing tonight. I surrender until the 26th of December. I can’t get beyond the basting point on this one. It’s really high thread count pimatex that is hand dyed and I was worried that the safety pin basting method wouldn’t stabilize it enough.So I decided to try hand basting it via the Sharon Schamber method. It isn’t hard at all and really is seeming to lay nice and flat.

     I don’t want to hurry with this one. I am feeling the need to slow down. And enjoy the holidays a bit. So I probably won’t have any finished work before Christmas for you. Maybe just some pretty Christmas pictures. I am going to try to  sneak in a visit to the botanical gardens tomorrow. Don’t tell my family that-they think I am working like a slave around here.:) No one wants to go with me.

   Just take some time to slow down, my friends!

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