A Different Kind of Summer

     By this time every year for the past seven years, I have been anxiously anticipating our departure for Vermont. This year we have a wedding to attend at the end of June  so we won’t be spending as much time there this summer. And my husband quit his job at the end of May.( It is a good thing and it was time for something different).  So life feels a bit disrupted right now. With the kids home and my husband home, my schedule is all mixed up. And I am just not fighting it but going with it. It’s summer and I am going to enjoy it.

    Marc and I took 48hours to go up north in MI to Traverse City. It really felt like the beginning of summer. The nights last forever this time of year and it was close to 9:45 when I started taking these pictures. Enjoy. I often try to capture the beautiful colors of the sunset. This time I was patient. I think the word for this summer is patience.


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