Another Assignment Done

     This one was by far my hardest assignment. I chose a few parameters for myself and then realized I had chose a silly construction method that just didn’t work for me. I spent hours on this one. It became a case of me against the piece and I truly felt like I had to win. Which really made me crazy and then I just really needed to get a grip on reality and know that the piece really had no vested interest in me succeeding. It really did not care. Oh boy. I didn’t want to give up on all the time I had invested in the project that involved a lot of lines.  I kept telling myself that this was a true learning experience. ( And  few friends reminded me of this too.)

     This was my reference composition and I wanted to work off from this piece.

Rooflines #4
Taking a look at values with my camera

I set my parameters for my assignment : change the thickness of the lines to less than 1/4 of an inch, use a color I don’t like (brown), add more colors within the motif, and try to vary the placement of the motif.
I also tried a different way of constructing the block or motif and that is what made me crazy and tripped me up. Last night when I went to write up my assignment after taking pictures, looked at it and sure enough, I had flipped one of the sections. This –

Ooops -bottom right section flipped the wrong way

Should have been: 

Rooflines #5, 37×37, Colleen Kole, 2012

This is done for the week. And I have never been so relieved. I finished assignment 4. One more lecture on Sunday night, and then one more assignment. I will really miss this class.

11 thoughts on “Another Assignment Done

  1. Connie in Alabama

    This is a fabulous composition! You don’t know me, but we have friends in common from classes at the Barn. I love reading your blog, since you are so honest. And your work has grown so much in this last month!

  2. Elizabeth B

    Wow–this piece alone could give you several great starting points for new sets of series! The color, linework, configurations, etc. are all surprising and interesting–that brown really makes the other colors glow. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Colleen Kole

    Elizabeth- You are absolutely right. I just need to keep writing down all my ideas. Brown-to think I avoided it.

    Beth- My head is spinning from all I am learning. And doing the work. Making an intentional piece with parameters set up front is huge to push myself forward.


  4. lcroswell

    Oh, I do love seeing your work. I think you’ve done a wonderful job with this motif and I look forward to more of this series.
    I don’t know if I’m really ready for this class. Yikes! But I’m trying to finish up some projects so I can focus. That in itself will be a challenge for me.


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