Spring Break

     I have to say I feel kind of boring right now. Nothing major to show you. I am working. I am stitching but I am just kind of letting the cloth do the work and me just move with it.

     Playing in the indigo pot.

Hope finds her cow at Purdue- dreaming of vet school


Park at Butler University

      I have been busy with college visits for my daughter, spring cleaning and just plain spring playing outdoors. And I am okay with just going slow right now. I am not at all stuck. Just trying to figure out how to do all I enjoy doing and still making forward progress.

     I love the hand aspect of it. The gentle soothing of the stitch. But how does that fit with a fast track of piecing top after top in a series and having it merge with what I want to accomplish? Do I even know the answer to that? Nope.

    I don’t at all find it stressful. Just waiting for the cloth and hand stitching to meet in the middle somewhere.

Meanwhile, Lucy has been patiently waiting for a walk while I type away.

2 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Robbie

    I know what you mean Colleen! Since ‘puppy’ my creative spirit has taken a back seat compared to pre puppy time!! Hand stitching does fill the void of creativity but it takes time to see results. A friend told me, art work is seasonal and it’s ok!! Love your shibori fabrics!


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