Artist Opening:Nellie Durand

     I had the privilege of attending  Nellie Durand’s opening at an art gallery, goodgoods, in Saugutuck, MI this weekend.  It was a hot sunny day to visit this great little city about an hour from home. The town was packed with people trying to enjoy one of the last weeks of summer. This opening included two other artists, Sandra Adams and Dawn Edwards,  and all were demonstrating their techniques and answering questions about their work.

     Nellie’s work is just beautiful when you see pictures of it on her blog Nellie’s Needles. But seeing it in person just took my breath away! She had a great representation of all her work there-her crinkle work, her surface design pieces and of course the amazing Lake series. Nellie also demonstrated -very generously sharing -her techniques with us for creating the Lake pieces. She also showed me her crinkle work which is really intriguing with the application of hand stitching on a starched crinkled composition. She is a kind and patient teacher. (I must be a visual learner because it is so much easier to see the technique done and understand… ) She made it seem so easy but the art of her work is the perfect placing of color and stitch to make the piece just sing.

     Nellie has obtained a coveted spot at the Devos Hall for one of her pieces during  Artprize here in Grand Rapids. She gave us a peek by displaying two of the panels of the Lake at goodgoods this weekend. I can’t wait to see the whole piece and will remind you of it in September.  DeVos Hall will be the perfect venue for it!

      My 19 year old Erin went with me. As I was gushing at dinner that night and the family was patiently listening to me, I paused and realized Erin was gushing too. She chose the Lake piece as her favorite and was so inspired by seeing and enjoying art that she took back to college her jewelry making supplies. I saw her peeking through Nellie’s blog after dinner.

     So, Nellie- Thanks for sharing, creating and inspiring. It was such a treat to meet you. Thanks Paula and Tod for the intro.

Happy Summer, my friends!

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