I"ve Been To Mars

     Last week,  a friend and I traveled to Muskegon, MI  to take one last workshop for 2012:  Lines, Curves and Figure Ground taught by Nancy Crow. It was given by the Muskegon Museum of Art in conjunction with the exhibition titled: Innovators and Legends.

The exhibit: Excellent venue and very fine textiles from some of the great legends. Opening night was Thursday so it was great to take a break from the huge final project and be inspired by lots of different styles of work. If you have the opportunity, you need to see this. It is traveling to the Schweinfurth after this venue.

 The first book is a exhibit catalog. (The second book is a book showcasing Nancy’s new monoprinting work that I bought at the workshop directly from her).

The workshop: As always, it was intense. The pace is fast, the mind spins with new ideas and the hands struggle to do the work as quickly as possible. I found this workshop really enjoyable. I am very excited to incorporate curves into my pieces as I truly never knew how to do curved piecing. I always marvel at the gals who have grown up sewing garments as they never struggle with the piecing. This is a shot of the first exercise before I started piecing it.

Unpacking: not done yet.

I kept leaving class and would hear Christmas music playing.  I felt really oblivious to the season. But when I got home, I felt like I had been to Mars for a week and dropped right back in to the Christmas season.

It was a great time with Nancy, old friends and new friends. Fantastic memories.

Now back to the season .

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