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I feel a bit off kilter this month.

I decided to jump in and say yes to the dress. No, I am already married.

Let’s start again. I decided to say yes to teaching a class at a local sewing shop in the month of January . I will be teaching a improv piecing class called Out of the Box Improv and really look forward to getting others excited about improvisational cutting and design of modern quilts. For a long time, I have felt a little nudge to teach and really have missed the teaching portion of my previous physical therapy career. So in I jumped with 2 feet with no thought to the fact that it’s December and all the craziness that December brings with it.

I always underestimate the amount of work that teaching comes with but want to start strong with class samples and lessons. And I want to make the class my own and not rely on others information so I have been working carefully on the assignments.

I pieced the class sample last week and just the piecing took me about 40 hours. Now next up is the machine quilting. Here’s a peek of a section of it.


Section of class sampler for Out of the Box Improv class

I used a Denyse Schmidt packet of” Hadley” fabric. I haven’t used commercial fabrics in eons and chose a vintage look. It was really hard for me not to use solids But I want them to be able to work with commercial prints and solids -so I had to do the same. 🙂

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