More Playing with Color

    Despite the sick sewing machines from last week,  I have persevered with the two classes I am taking online. I am behind as I always have that overcommitment thing going on but I am determined to finish both in the time allotted. I can do it. Fun looking at color-billboards, advertising in magazines, artwork at galleries in Stowe while on vacation and in all those quilting books I seem to collect.

I had to inventory and organize my fabrics. I have no blue-greens, violet or red-violets. I guess because I am not good at dyeing those colors. I will have to figure out why.

Leftover paint from my Color Theory class on cotton. I couldn’t let it go to waste. I have no idea what I will do with this piece of fabric. Something fun.

I also started a color journal and have been collecting all kinds of color schemes I like and analyzing what colors they are. Have you ever checked this site out- Color Schemer ?

 And then I looked on my design wall and decided to finish this piece. It fit perfectly with my color lessons. It is from an exercise in  Nancy Crow class from last spring on motifs.

Color Play #1

I added some hand stitching with my hand dyed floss.

Loving all I am learning about color.

Be creative, my friends!

6 thoughts on “More Playing with Color

  1. Tod

    You’re really going to new places with this design. It’s engaging to me. I can feel my emotional body metabolizing something when I look at it for a while. Feels like an emotional map to me that somehow transcends the obvious geometry. I general don’t connect well with straight edged abstraction. The colors play off of each other really well here. Glad you post your projects.

  2. Colleen Kole

    Thank You Tod, Nellie and Gail- I do love that little piece and it had been staring at me forever to finish it. I plan on pushing through a series on that little piece as soon as I get this commission done.

    Irene- Thank you for that site. Beautiful color palettes and I was lost for way too long looking at them!


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