Mastering Things

Vermont Dairy Barn

     This is my year of trying to master techniques in an attempt to find some kind of personal style within my work. So, I have  been giving you snippets of my two on-line classes I am taking. I have had a few questions regarding what the classes are so I thought I would give you the links again.

1. Artist’s Toolbox by Lyric Kinard. It is given through Quilt University which offers lots-yes lots of classes- for us. This is an excellent class which has taught me basic art terms and how to look at art quilts more critically. A good intro to art theory.

2. Online Color Theory by Judy Perez. An in depth color theory class which has really helped me understand terms and color mixing which I hope to be able to apply to my fabric dyeing this summer.

Both the classes and the references they have shared will be invaluable to me. I first questioned on-line learning for such a hands on thing as art quilts. But the visuals and the free sharing of information from the teachers and the other students has really been inspiring. Both Lyric and Judy have taken lots of time to answer questions and are intent that you understand the material. Time-consuming though so don’t think it will be easy. But you do it on your own time.

     With all that being said, the only thing I have mastered this week is the art of procrastination. I worked consistently on machine quilting on Monday during our snow day and then yesterday couldn’t wrap my head around a bit of productivity. Ughh…so I tried a yoga class last night with my daughter. Alright, I literally dragged her there. The eye-rolling going on was amazing.    I seem to have this mid-life crisis going on so need to try everything I haven’t done before:)). How nice was yoga? I loved it. I am still floating so hope to be more productive today!

Well, I guess if I am not creative- today-you be creative for me, my friends.

2 thoughts on “Mastering Things

  1. lcroswell

    I love your barn pictures, especially the last one with the sun at a low angle. That yellow glow on the hay is amazing.
    I painted some down town architecture out the window while Ellen was at the doctor’s office this afternoon so you can count that toward your creativity quotient for today. 😀


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