Looking Through The Lens

     I really refused to come back and blog until I had my quilt finished. And after  more than enough hours this weekend, the binding is on and the mistakes and loose threads gone. Tonight , I will put the sleeve on the back and finish the label. Ahhh…feels so good to be this far. It should have only taken 10 days-2 weeks but here I am a month later. But the good news is, one of the machines made it through this process.

Looking Through The Lens
42 x 58 
And to think I had some dream of completing twenty quilts this year.  This is number four completed -if I count the two small works. Mmm…not revising goals yet. Just saying that it takes a long time to machine quilt !
Enjoy what’s left of the weekend. After the sleeve goes on, I must return to my class homework! 
Be creative, my friends!

3 thoughts on “Looking Through The Lens

  1. Diane

    What a cool quilt! Great design, striking color — it’s very appealing!And 4 quilts and just 2 months in to the year? Good work!


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