Obsessive Stitching: Mokume

     One of the reasons that I wanted to try working with an indigo vat was for this reason: obsessive stitching to use as a resist can really be beautiful.

 I drew a pattern lightly on a piece of fabric and stitched under the lines. I used Coats and Clark embroidery thread.

 Once I finished stitching,  I wet the fabric and pulled all the lines tightly and tied them  in a knot.

I dipped it  in my indigo pot and this pot was the one containing the Pro Chem  pre-reduced indigo crystals. I used about three dips manipulating under the water . I let it oxidize to blue. I rinsed and started taking out the stitching. Yes, you read it right in that you remove the hours of stitching you put in. And you will be left with this gorgeous patterning . Some of my threads are still there.

That is beautiful texture to be cut up and used in another stitched piece which will be stitched again in the quilting phase.

It makes me fall in love all over again with stitching. Patience and the beauty of the stitch.

5 thoughts on “Obsessive Stitching: Mokume

  1. Nia Tilley

    Wow, that is really beautiful Colleen.Congratulations. Could I do this with procion dyes? Does leaving them overnight let the dye migrate too much? I’d love to give this a try.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Kit Lang

    I have been doing a small amount of this kind of shibori in some of my dyed (and discharged) pieces and have been loving the result. I recently did some arashi (sp? The poll wrapping kind) of shibori, but have not tried either with indigo.




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