On My First Day

     Of the kids being in school, I created a massive quantity of art. Ha. No, even better I went to enjoy some art with friends. I wasn’t planning to like this as I had seen pictures and it just didn’t excite me. It has drawn large crowds here since it’s opening but I just didn’t go earlier.

    But in the early morning sun and the company friends, I was in love with it. Enjoy the beauty of the gardens and the the art of Dale Chihuly at the Meijer Gardens .

From the ceiling

Placed in the gardens

One of my favorites-the blending of the pink and the soft yellow…


In the sun

And enjoying two wonderful friends for a few hours. That was a treat and now I want to go back for more to see it in different light. Why haven’t I gone before? The exhibit has been extended until the end of October secondary to the large crowds. I will go again.

 This was truly a privilege.

Happy Art, my friends!

3 thoughts on “On My First Day

  1. Colleen Kole

    Kim-Stunning is exactly the word.

    Nellie-You can’t miss it. I was there right at 9am and by 11 it was getting busy on a Tues! It will be very enjoyable and relaxing for you.


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