The End of the Week

    Plenty of things going on. Nice to look back and see all the places I have been this week.  And the fun I am having.

1. Shibori Class with Glennis.

 Silk -I loved the feel of it. I loved how easily and quickly it took the dye. Which has no to low odor and leaves no stains on your hands. Dyeing silk on the first day. I can only dream of what is to come. Loved it.

     Note to self: buy or find some better clamps to get crisp edges on the shapes. Use smaller pieces  of silk to try these experiments.

2. Working on filling in all those color charts.

I never can waste any kind of paint. This is Setacolor paints from the Color theory class. Note to self: find out the  right way to apply this to fabric. Just dilute with water? A medium? I have no idea. I was just using up what I had leftover for the lesson.

3. Just a little hand stitching. Facings.

I am trying to enjoy the process and not get think too much with- what will I do with all this information and  how will I use it? It’s on simmer right now. And that’s a good place to be.

Have a good weekend, my friends!


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