The Last Hurrah

     I had given myself an assignment last time.

     Make something. Check.

     I really made the made the most of my last week here.  I finally made an indigo pot and dyed some samples I made after viewing this new DVD. Great DVD on stitch resist technique .

 Beautiful scarf from Hank and Spool shop which I will add some hand stitch to. This was my functional item. I also have another baby quilt pieced made from scraps that will go to a guild charity.

I also overdyed a few duds and dyed some nice greys for my neutral pile.

      And lastly, I made a huge mess and was really rusty on design. I took out another pile of scraps and spun aimlessly for two days. Then I cleaned it all up and packed it in the car to go.

I will see you after I settle back into Michigan! It has been a really great summer.

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