37 Hours

     I have had an adventure beyond belief. I traveled from Michigan to Vermont for our summer vacation on Thursday. I was pretty excited to think that it would take me a mere 7 hours and my daughter and I would be there ahead of another portion of the family. (Various family coming and going all summer.College girl and grandma at home…very confusing- just trust me.) Well I was getting very smug with myself with the thought of big dogs riding in car with lots of stuff and husband driving. I would just jet in in less than a day. And be refreshed after a few days of pre chaos sewing.

But, it took a mere 37 hours for me to get here. Yup-37 hours and involved missed flights, delays, an overnight adventure, a re-route to Washington,DC…and finally two days later…Peg’s Taxi. Which meant the end of our journey. And the beginning of our vacation.

I came here earlier than the rest of the family to make it for the Vermont Quilt Festival. I went there today and had a great time. More pictures later when I can find wi-fi at the local library. Pictures take way too long to download with dial up service. I wanted to check in and let you know I am still here!

I just need to sew to be a tolerable person to be around after that horrible experience.

And have a cup of Green Mountain coffee.

More intelligent posts coming.

Happy Sewing, my friends.

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