A Time to Celebrate

     I have lots of reasons to celebrate this weekend.

1. The never ending quilt is quilted and the binding on. I really fought with myself to finish it. I have to make time to learn to free motion quilt. The walking foot is cramping my style and slowing me up! Done and pictures coming tomorrow.
2. Today is my birthday. I am 51 years old and I am ok with it. Last year, I had the huge crisis of turning 50 -for the whole year I really dreaded turning 50. I am 51 and I am excited to see what comes next and not waste any time worrying about how old I am this year. Mayeb just exercise some more so I feel younger :).
3. I have been married for 28 years as of Friday June 1st to a wonderful , sweet guy.  I hope and pray for many more years together. 
4. I have dyed all the fabric I need for my Artprize piece and hope to start on it next week. 
5. As of Wednesday, school is out for the summer. Thank goodness. I hope not to kill anyone I have kept my mouth shut about all school year -in the next 3 days. Geez, people really drive me crazy at the end of the school year. Time to be done and have my kids back with me. 
Oops-# 3 should be first in order of importance, but I was just kind of going backwards through the weekend as to what I have to be grateful for!

5 thoughts on “A Time to Celebrate

  1. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday!!! And congrats–28 years of marriage is an accomplishment.

    Get back to your machine (after the celebration, of course:)



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