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Vermont Blue Skies

     I think I have under estimated the power and beauty of a blue sky.

      It was really breathtaking and a great day for a walk.

     Today I noticed shadows.

     And more shadows.


     The snow is almost to the bottom of the windows. Not the most I have ever seen here but definitely deep.

      The beauty of the color blue -which means sunshine. Oh how I have missed the sun.

A great day and I was able to squeeze in about 6 hours of creating. In addition to vacation things we always do. You can’t get any better than that.  Now to get rid of some of the snow on that roof.

Be creative, my friends!

Paddling and Photoless

     I am having a hard time with blog posting this week. And then, I realized I have not consistently carried a camera in my purse for about 6 weeks now. Might have been the fear of adding any more pictures to my already overly stuffed file folders on my computer or just the general lack of disorganization in the photos that made me unconsciously not take pictures. Maybe I was just getting lazy. Or maybe it is just the general greyness out there. I don’t have a clue. But somewhere along the line, I stopped taking pictures.

     And then there is the last 10 foggy days of no school snow days and sick kids that just really didn’t spur me on. But they are better. And the sun is out. The suitcases are packed. And we are going on vacation to my favorite photo spot-Vermont. Amazing it has all come together.

     When we get there and have found lost luggage and recovered from late or missed flights, pretty pictures and maybe some art. I hope.

     Be creative, my friends. Because I sure have been slow paddling against the stream to get anywhere this week.

There was a Goal Set/ #5 Finished

     Wasn’t there? I think the number was seven. Well, I think this is five. I had purchased small block kits at a yearly shop hop. Never made it to all the shops so I had miscellaneous blocks sitting in a pile. Once I opened the packages and saw-directions – dreaded directions- I knew I couldn’t follow them. So, I started cutting them up and now I have a little improvisational baby quilt.

One donation for March already done! ( Yes, I think all sane people are thinking about March in the month of Christmas.A little absolute insanity for the week before Christmas when I haven’t even finished Christmas prep yet….)

                                                    Sweetness and Light
                                                          37×37, 2010

     I had my family Christmas party this weekend. My brother and sister-in-law  from Indianapolis spent the weekend with us. Lots of busy going on here. My family -minus my sick sister and her sick daughter…

       Yes , I have a whacked header up there. I just really only have a certain amount of competence with Photoshop. I will have to wait until my daughter comes home from her exam today and fixes it. With a lot of eye rolling and little patience for me! 🙂 It really does bug me that I don’t know how to do this stuff. Fearless to try  but too foolish to know how to correct some of my mistakes. Oh well. No one will die from my whacked header today. Lesson learned: don’t change it until  you have the right thing to replace it with.

      Off to run a few errands. I will baste #6 today and finish it before Christmas leaving number 7 to be done the week after Christmas when I am on vacation. Or so goes the plan.

      Be creative, my friends!

Friday Fun

     I am so excited.  I am have been playing on a consistent basis for a month now. And this weekend friends are coming from Connecticut to visit and run the Grand Rapids marathon. ( They are trying to cover a marathon in each state…not for me but good for them!) We lived in Monroe, CT for 5 years and I do so miss the friends I made there. So it will be great to see them.

     I am ripping out stitching from the previous machine disaster. Machine quilting is no fun to rip out. With each stitch I rip out, I wonder why in the world I kept going so long….So hope to have a finish for you next week. I have been working so hard this week, but it had been kids stuff and house stuff.

     Since I have no real art to show you today, I will give you a Friday Moment . I found this blog-Amanda at Soule Mama and it is a really nice place to go to visit. She is renovating an old home and that’s something that I love to watch. That and the simplicity of a room that has nothing in it. An “Ahh” moment. At the end of the week.

     My Friday moment- Lucy in the leaves loving fall. Aren’t we all? Storing it up.

     Another link for you- Film in the Fridge. Someone in Burlington, VT who had carved out a nice little niche for herself and makes really fun quilts. I enjoyed her quilt from yesterday. And was excited that there is a new fabric and yarn shop in Burlington, nido.  I will check it out at Christmas when we go there.

     But first, I will enjoy fall. Be creative, my friends!

Vermont Days

   It was so nice to have my whole family here this past weekend. Also, some old friends came to enjoy the weekend with us. They are marathon runners and they loved the hills..(my fat butt just likes to walk.) Anyway, we took some time to go blueberry picking after we dropped Marc at the airport.

(She looks great despite her near death car accident!) 20 lbs of blueberries later and stuffed with blueberry cobbler and ice cream-what is a girl to do?

I wanted to see what happens if I dyed my fabric with blueberry juice. I found 3 great old enamel pots to try some natural dyeing. I forgot my book though so if anyone has any info for me, let me know what my mordant should be-salt,vinegar,alum?  Crazy most days, I know.

Off to enjoy a great day of sunshine- the beach and finding old barns today. Don’t want to waste the day inside.

Happy Summer, my friends!

Time to Relax Now

     I finally feel like I can relax a little bit. Erin, my 19 year old, had her MRI done today of her neck and amazingly enough, everything looks good. She can return to normal activity gradually and can return to driving. Does she have to? I don’t want her to. Good luck with that right? She will be coming to Vermont this weekend and I can’t wait to see her. I have been blessed!

     We keep busy here getting ready for another 4H show. This week I cheered my 14 year old on as she completed her crafts for the show. She has never used double pointed needles before nor has she ever done an increase or decrease. Look at her cute sock monkey!

  She also took the picture of the flower above for one of her entries. Now to get a needle and thread into her hands this summer…. I joined in on the knitting to finish a pair of felted slippers. I now need to stick them in the washing machine for the felting process. My knitting basket is empty which is great.

    My son helped me make a design board. Just took scrap wood from the hardware store which is heavier than plywood and backed it with a few pieces of wood so it wouldn’t warp. I added grey felt from Joanne’s and am ready to go. It’s 4×4 which should should be a good size to work in here. I had been hanging a piece of flannel over the door but my pieces keep blowing away.

I like the grey background as opposed to white to work on. Forgot the glue though. I have three pieces right now in process. Having lots of fun with them.

Better go. I need to vacuum next . I plan on enjoying time with my family for the next week. I am hoping calm is the word of the week . I have reached my quota of stress for the summer. (Did I tell you about my dog who got her choke collar stuck in a radiator causing a bit of a flood? Or the fugitive who dumped his motorcycle in the field above us and ran for the woods?)

Happy Summer,my friends!

She Is Safe

     I keep saying those works over and over again…My husband called me at about 7:30 am on Thursday morning to let me know that my 19 year old daughter Erin had been in a car accident. He had seen her at the scene after a call from an unnamed good samaritan. He let me know right away that she was awake, alert and talking to him. She was on her way to work on the interstate , felt a swerve and rolled the Volvo station wagon 3 times. I was ok until he said the car flipped three times. Then the physical therapist in me kicked in and was asking all kinds of questions to make sure her spine and head were intact-which they are.

 She is at home with Marc and resting with a hard collar on until she goes to the orthopedic doctor on Tues. The car was totaled but the box which held the driver was intact. A definite miracle. It has always been one of my fears -not being there when one of my kids got hurt. But my husband has handled this very calmly(he’s shopping for another car-it was his….) and has taken good care of her.

    I desperately want to go home but she wants to come here as scheduled next week. And I knew after the comments-“Mom you will just sit here and make me crazy looking at me and asking me if I am ok.” I knew then that she was ok for now with dad until we have more information.  And snapping at me like that was understandable-even brought a smile to my face because I knew if she needed me she wouldn’t hesitate to ask me to come home.

     I don’t know if she will be ok to travel. Then I will go home.  But for now I just keep saying over and over in my head-thank you God for keeping her safe and with us. I can’t wait to hold her in my arms and let her know how much I love her!

  Everything looks a little brighter today. Even these fabrics that I dyed this past week. They aren’t ironed yet but that really doesn’t matter, does it?

Sewing is keeping me sane at night so hope to have some tops done soon. And if not, that doesn’t really matter either. She is safe.

Happy summer and if you pray, please keep us in your prayers.

Day #5

     I am slowly being driven mad by the fact I can not drive. I can’t walk very far yet so the houses in my neighborhood are kind of getting boring to look at-ok the mailbox at the end of the driveway. My foot is slowly feeling better and I am not in much pain when I just sit. But my bum is tired of sitting. The pain I had before surgery is all gone. That is a very good thing.

      So why is not driving just making me crazy? When I do drive -to school, to get groceries and to all the after school activities – I complain I am in my car all day. And all I want to do is be home. Maybe it’s not necessarily the lack of freedom to drive -but just the lack of freedom to do whatever I want to do. Whatever a healthy body can do. I will never take my health for granted again. This is a silly little surgery in comparison to most. My being inconvenienced for a short period of time is really nothing. I am thankful that it is nothing serious. 
     But I can’t wait to go to the doctor tomorrow. And don’t tell him I drove there by myself. He better give  me the  real ok to drive.

An Amazing Vacation

   I am so glad to be home today. We had an amazing vacation at our second home in Vermont. We left the day after Christmas and came home late (very late!) last night. We have had our home there for about five years now and really cherish the week after Christmas playing. My husband and the kids ski. I stay behind and cook hot soups or stews for them, take long walks, go snow shoeing or sew. It is win, win for everyone. I love having a fire and reading or sewing at night. But I hate flying home-it’s chaos and last night we left Burlington, VT after it had just had 26 inches of snow. I  thank God that we made it out and made it safely!

     I was able to start some projects. I have had so many requests to make baby quilts and wanted a prototype to sell. Just had fun playing with that. Also, spent some time setting those goals that sometimes get accomplished. One thing I know I will be doing is picking up my journal again. So, I bought a new journal to start out the year. Seems to be one more step to the process but I always can pick up new ideas and plans through it.

  I am very glad to have internet service! I went to the library  in Stowe, VT to do the minimal posts after Christmas that I did. It took forever to download photos though. I appreciate my easy internet access here!

     Well- need groceries and errands run. Better go! Nice to be back. Happy Sewing, my friends!

The Calm

     I love the week after Christmas. Don’t get me wrong- I love Christmas as well. But it is the lack of schedules and extra time with the kids that I really appreciate. We woke up to a dreary day and I thought they might be bored with all the rain keeping us inside.

Everyone keep peeking outside to be let outside-one of those days. But finally it cleared and we walked and walked. It was warm.

Took a lot of pictures.

And played in slushy snow.

And took more pictures of a beautiful sunset in a beautiful place. And then I sat in front of the fire to sew. What a great day in the week after Christmas! Pictures of sewing coming tomorrow I hope.

Happy sewing, my friends!