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A Different Kind of Summer

     By this time every year for the past seven years, I have been anxiously anticipating our departure for Vermont. This year we have a wedding to attend at the end of June  so we won’t be spending as much time there this summer. And my husband quit his job at the end of May.( It is a good thing and it was time for something different).  So life feels a bit disrupted right now. With the kids home and my husband home, my schedule is all mixed up. And I am just not fighting it but going with it. It’s summer and I am going to enjoy it.

    Marc and I took 48hours to go up north in MI to Traverse City. It really felt like the beginning of summer. The nights last forever this time of year and it was close to 9:45 when I started taking these pictures. Enjoy. I often try to capture the beautiful colors of the sunset. This time I was patient. I think the word for this summer is patience.


A Time to Celebrate

     I have lots of reasons to celebrate this weekend.

1. The never ending quilt is quilted and the binding on. I really fought with myself to finish it. I have to make time to learn to free motion quilt. The walking foot is cramping my style and slowing me up! Done and pictures coming tomorrow.
2. Today is my birthday. I am 51 years old and I am ok with it. Last year, I had the huge crisis of turning 50 -for the whole year I really dreaded turning 50. I am 51 and I am excited to see what comes next and not waste any time worrying about how old I am this year. Mayeb just exercise some more so I feel younger :).
3. I have been married for 28 years as of Friday June 1st to a wonderful , sweet guy.  I hope and pray for many more years together. 
4. I have dyed all the fabric I need for my Artprize piece and hope to start on it next week. 
5. As of Wednesday, school is out for the summer. Thank goodness. I hope not to kill anyone I have kept my mouth shut about all school year -in the next 3 days. Geez, people really drive me crazy at the end of the school year. Time to be done and have my kids back with me. 
Oops-# 3 should be first in order of importance, but I was just kind of going backwards through the weekend as to what I have to be grateful for!

Spring Break

     I have to say I feel kind of boring right now. Nothing major to show you. I am working. I am stitching but I am just kind of letting the cloth do the work and me just move with it.

     Playing in the indigo pot.

Hope finds her cow at Purdue- dreaming of vet school


Park at Butler University

      I have been busy with college visits for my daughter, spring cleaning and just plain spring playing outdoors. And I am okay with just going slow right now. I am not at all stuck. Just trying to figure out how to do all I enjoy doing and still making forward progress.

     I love the hand aspect of it. The gentle soothing of the stitch. But how does that fit with a fast track of piecing top after top in a series and having it merge with what I want to accomplish? Do I even know the answer to that? Nope.

    I don’t at all find it stressful. Just waiting for the cloth and hand stitching to meet in the middle somewhere.

Meanwhile, Lucy has been patiently waiting for a walk while I type away.

Home and It’s a Good Thing

     We came home late Wednesday. Lots to unpack and re-group. I was really anxious this year just to be home. To the point of not really sleeping well at the end and then almost packing up and coming home early. Very unsettled.

     And now I know why: my mom’s cancer has returned. She had breast cancer ten years ago and now – not very good news.  She just isn’t feeling well. But she will finish her fundraiser she is in charge with to raise money for the cancer center in the next week. She has had a big heart for volunteering all her life and she never quits giving of her time to fight cancer. I feel sick about the spots on her lungs- but am grateful I live in the same city now after all our years of living in different cities.

    Spend time with those you love- I’ll be in and out next week but still here. My studio is unpacked  and clean as of today.  It was as if I needed to use all my nervous energy and nest when I got here and heard about my mom. Weird what we do when we are nervous.

    Happy Stitching-

Summertime in Vermont

     I am very relaxed and sinking into the summertime.

Enjoying smiles on the girl after a week of hard work getting cows ready to show in a 4-H dairy show. Meet the Supreme Grand Champion Pesto.

Watching the beautiful architecture of barns made long ago.

Taking pictures wherever we go.

Enjoying summer with not much to show for my art life this week. Stitching by night. I did order 150 meters of fabric to dye and was all prepared for a marathon dyeing week-except they shipped it to the wrong address back at home. So, I took it as a week to enjoy time with the kids and animals here in Vermont.

Enjoy summertime, my friends!

Just tired

Hi guys-

I am supremely tired. I have had to fight some battles for my kids the past two weeks and I am just tired. School battles and coaches battles. Silly things that really shouldn’t have been done to kids but that have taught my kids that honesty, integrity and decency are important. And my kids have shown me amazing things and that they are bigger than the adults involved. Much bigger. My heart is swelling with pride and they did good in some really unfair situations. But at the end of the school year, it just wasn’t what I needed. So, I am taking the week off. No wonderful things will be made. I will go on vacation to Vermont and settle in. And I hope that my big heart will heal after my kids feelings and hearts were hurt. And maybe the mountains will help me be a little less disillusioned by the adults I have just interacted with.

So with that- I’ll be back in a week or so. Stop back and don’t stop being creative just I am not.

Color Days:#3

     Busy, busy, busy at the end of the school year. From one hour to the next and trying to be efficient and not forget any food I have to bring to all these events. I conclude that May and the first two weeks of June are busier than December. Enough though! It has been deliciously warm here and I have been squeezing the fabric dyeing in at very odd times.


     My son said,”Great texture Mom”. A man after my own heart. I love it.

     He graduated from 6th grade this week. Hard to believe he is done with elementary school and so am I. Knowing they are ready to move on and yet not wanting to move forward. Very bittersweet.

    My sweet, sweet little man.

    And my sweet, very hot girl whose team keeps winning in all this heat. 95 degrees last night on a turf field.

     Almost to the lazy days of summer, but not quite yet. Just enjoying the kids and trying to dye fabrics this week. I just washed out about twenty yards from yesterday. More tomorrow.

Be creative, my friends!

Excuse Me

    Yes, indeed. Excuse for awhile as I deal with life-family, marriage, kids, house stuff  and cars. I continue to work amidst the chaos that is mine.  I am ok. Plenty of stuff is on my design wall. Ok, an absolute insane amount of things are up on my wall.  In fact, at one point today, I needed to move a pile of fabric to see the wall.

    But , somehow, it is all inconsequential to what I need to deal with. It is not first priority.  And that’s ok, too.

    If I finish one of the five pieces I am working on, I will let you know. Chaos begats chaos, doesn’t it?

    See you soon,  my friends !

An Old Treasure

     Just can’t seem to get a rhythm going this week. Haven’t made much progress but I have been staying up way too late the last few nights. Just reading a good book. Have you read anything new lately?

     My brothers came for the holiday weekend and we had a great time catching up. My youngest brother brought me an amazing old treasure. I had forgotten it and actually didn’t know who had ended up with it or if it was even in our possession anymore. Look at this….

Bad picture. Let me try again.

My dad’s old camera- he died nine years ago from cancer.
old leather lens cases

     And a gorgeous, gorgeous old heavy duty tripod.  The camera is not going anywhere once it is set up on this baby!  And the best of all, my brother said I should have it since I am enjoying taking pictures as much as I do.  I never wanted anything at the time-just my memories. Nothing could replace my dad. But now that I have it, it feels really special to be able to appreciate it. I think the only thing that is usable is the tripod and lens cases. There is film in the case but  no batteries. I will probably take it to the camera store to see if  I can retrieve the film.

    Doesn’t really matter if I can use it.  I am just enjoying this very old treasure. Thanks Dad! It felt like a hug from the past.

     Be creative, my friends. Sooner or later it will  stop raining.

A Little Orange

     I like orange but never have really used much in any of my pieces. So, in the wonderful quest of self improvement and art improvement that I am on,  I chose orange. ( Yes that was a little sarcastic but I did choose it because I wanted a  little challenge.)

                                                                    Colorplay #3

     Funny how I go back to simple strip piecing and am happy with it.

     I continue to like tight dense quilting. It just looks crisp and clean.

     I had a proud mom moment this week. My son Ben won an award at the speech meet. He recited the JFK inaugural address without an one mistake-boldly and confidently. I was beaming. The pictures were all blurry so I am waiting for another mom to send me some of hers. Which led me to schedule an eye appointment for today! I kept noticing how blurry everything was I was taking. Ughh… I hate missing kid photo moments.

     The sun came out after the ice storm . All my class fabric samples from the last month and it captured the sunlight so beautifully.

     I am off to Connecticut this weekend for a funeral of a dear man and pastor of the church we used to attend.  I haven’t been there for a visit in a long time. It will be a time of re-connecting with old friends and memories. Must pack and get the kids ready for the weekend. They are staying home with Dad.

     Appreciate those you are with, my friends. And be creative.