An Old Treasure

     Just can’t seem to get a rhythm going this week. Haven’t made much progress but I have been staying up way too late the last few nights. Just reading a good book. Have you read anything new lately?

     My brothers came for the holiday weekend and we had a great time catching up. My youngest brother brought me an amazing old treasure. I had forgotten it and actually didn’t know who had ended up with it or if it was even in our possession anymore. Look at this….

Bad picture. Let me try again.

My dad’s old camera- he died nine years ago from cancer.
old leather lens cases

     And a gorgeous, gorgeous old heavy duty tripod.  The camera is not going anywhere once it is set up on this baby!  And the best of all, my brother said I should have it since I am enjoying taking pictures as much as I do.  I never wanted anything at the time-just my memories. Nothing could replace my dad. But now that I have it, it feels really special to be able to appreciate it. I think the only thing that is usable is the tripod and lens cases. There is film in the case but  no batteries. I will probably take it to the camera store to see if  I can retrieve the film.

    Doesn’t really matter if I can use it.  I am just enjoying this very old treasure. Thanks Dad! It felt like a hug from the past.

     Be creative, my friends. Sooner or later it will  stop raining.

2 thoughts on “An Old Treasure

  1. lcroswell

    I just saw that Judy Coates Perez posted a note you wrote to her about her color class. At least I think it’s your note. Sounds like it was valuable and I’m proud of you for finishing it. Can’t wait to see what you dye next.


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