Conflict and Panic

     Thanks for your responses to my question yesterday. I guess after spending a week with other like-minded people I have questions for myself. I do know that it is just uncomfortable for me to say that I am an artist. I feel like I need to earn that title yet and it will be up to me to be comfortable with saying that I am-someday. Just like it is up to me to make my quilts and grow….I greatly respect those who are artists and can say that. You must work so hard to be an artist. That’s all I know. Just feel conflicted with what I should call myself. (Do I need to decide that today?) Conflict which usually makes you grow is ok…

    Panic: I needed to help my son prepare a snack for his country report today. Czech Republic.We had our one hour window last night before baseball practice.  Who in the world thinks of all these things at the end of the school year? ( February and March are a great time to do big projects). Thank goodness for the internet and finding a recipe. We made a shortbread strawberry cookie-enough butter to make anything taste good!

   More panic: I am not packed and must fly to VT for that wedding this afternoon. I am just bringing hand sewing and mindless knitting. Notice I haven’t thought about clothes yet. More pics from last week are coming, I promise.

Happy Sewing my friends!

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