Finally, A Finish

     Sometimes it just takes longer than others! I was very glad to finish this little guy last night. I was hoping I would be able to take a picture outside but it’s really wet out there. This is a happy piece and I will probably take it to Vermont and find a place for it there.

                                                              Vermont Sunshine
                                                                       18.5x 32

     I went to my daughter’s soccer tournament on Saturday. It was in Traverse City which is about three hours way from Grand Rapids.  I had only about an hour in between games and quickly  slipped away to their downtown area. The cherry trees were all in bloom and smelled wonderful. (Traverse City is known as the cherry capital of the world.) I had one store that I didn’t want to miss-my favorite antique store-Wilson’s. I could have stayed for hours but only had about 50 minutes…still found a few great things. What fun is this:

It had some interesting articles in it  but mainly it was a woman’s magazine. I found two issues and I love the cover on this one.

I also ran into an art co-op in the main street which has two great fiber arts pieces which is very nice to see.I  just saw a glimpse of  Lake Michigan on the way out  of town. It was a grey day but water is so beautiful even in the rain. The second time in a row on the weekend I have not had a functioning camera. My daughter’s team won all three games. A great day for everyone.

Getting ready for my class in two weeks and seeing what colors I need to dye this week. Maybe not much!

Off to another busy day. Happy Sewing, my friends! 

4 thoughts on “Finally, A Finish

  1. lcroswell

    I really like your sunshine piece. It will look very at home in Vermont, me thinks. Are you going to be at the Barn when Robin is there? What a great time that will be.

  2. Colleen Kole

    Thanks- vibrant is a good word for it. And it fits this really sunny day.

    No all three of my friends will be there before I am. I ‘ll have to meet some new friends.


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