A Very Late Thank You

     Oh my. I absolutely forgot to show you a precious gift I recieved this fall.  Every time I look at it, it makes me smile. And makes me feel very calm. And reminds me of what a wonderful time I had at Artprize with her.

                                                  A Piece of “The Lake” by Nellie Durand, 2010

Nellie brought this to me when she came to visit. It was enough of a treat just to spend some time with her-but when she gave this to me, I was just about speechless!

The colors are just beautiful and look at the details of the beach grass captured so well. I was able to watch her work earlier when she had an opening at Good Goods in Saugatuck, MI and loved watching her put these together . The color choice and change in value at just the right time captures the essence of the water and waves.

Everything about it-and her-just very special.

Thank you again Nellie for the great time and treasured gift!

2 thoughts on “A Very Late Thank You

  1. Nellie's Needles

    You’re welcome, Colleen. I’m glad you’re enjoying your “Little Piece of The Lake” that was created by strip piecing the cut-offs from my ArtPrize entry, “The Lake”. Those formed a foundation for collaging this scene with more scraps.


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