I Almost Forgot

     The list is longer than the time I have left before Thanksgiving. And then my son didn’t feel well today so everything stopped. I could only go to the doctor’s to see if he had strep throat. So we watched “Night at the Museum” and took a nap. And did things at home which really needed to be done. It felt good not to be running around in the craziness and getting caught up in the buying of too much food. It felt good to slow down. Not good to see him sick. But just good to slow down.

   Without my normal routine, I forgot about blogging. And about picking a winner for that giveaway last week-the winner is zizophora. So please, email me your address and I will be sure to get it in  the mail for you.

    I have been following Melanie Testa and her month of line drawing. Go check out what she is doing. I took a class from her last winter at Joggles and just haven’t added her to my blog list.She is a good teacher and her blog follows her teaching style with her talented info shared so freely.  On day 7, she references an artist, Marcus McCallister and his amazing journals. Go check out this youtube vide and see what Melanie is doing.

     Thanks for your comments and for peeking in. I am going to sit and rip out some awful machine stitching.

Be creative, my friends -slow down too. It will all get done and cooked.

3 thoughts on “I Almost Forgot

  1. Jeana Marie

    Hope he’s feeling better soon too and that you stay healthy! Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I think I am going to slowly. Mess is building up faster than I am cleaning anything 🙂


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