It’s a Balancing Act

    To blog or not to blog. It takes time and you must have something to show and something to say. It takes time to make it look fresh. Should you keep doing it or just spend the time to make art?

     I have enjoyed this process. But my blog is kind of stale and not so fresh looking. So with a committment to improve this blog, I signed up for a self-study class with Allyson Stanfield and Cynthia Morris. For my first assignment, I need to define why I blog and who my readers are. 

    Thus, the giveaway this week to bribe you to keep reading while I try to define myself and my goals. But that wasn’t even very exciting for you… so I guess I have to do the homework.

Readers: Anyone who is interested in making and creating using fabric, needle and an imagination.  A reader who enjoys seeing fiber arts and the process of creating them.  No specific age or geographical  location. Willing to watch me try new things and try them with me? May feel comfortable leaving a comment or asking a question.

Reason for blogging:  I want to record my journey as an art quilter and push myself to share the joys and frustrations of the process. I would like to show you what inspires me and hopefully inspire someone else to be creative. It has grown into a means of  meeting and connecting with other artists and friends.

Homework done. Off to sew for awhile. Working on the blue beast from last week that I actually showed you. Persistent in solving the problem.

Be creative and please someone leave a comment to win a new sketchbook – I am feeling really silly right now.

7 thoughts on “It’s a Balancing Act

  1. Kim Hambric

    I guess some people (usually those young whippersnappers) think blogging is for the old and slow. I happen to like it. As an artist and a blogger, I not only want to get my work out there, but I want people to know why and how I do it. I like communication. I especially like communicatin where people type in complete sentences and spell out words in their entirety.

    And, really, everything gets a little stale once in a while. That’s just life. And I happen to like living it and reading about it, even when it does get a bit stale.

    Just my two cents.

    Have a creative week!!!

  2. paula

    well i see you did get comments on your giveaway….and had it been your own art i’m sure more would have jumped 🙂
    my take on blogs…
    lately i’m bored by all of them. even mine. now that i’ve found tumblr…and have made a lot of friends on etsy, i find that between etsy convos and treasuries, facebook and tumblr i’m saturated.
    blogs seem to be more for people that aren’t aware of other social media. or for die hard how to/info. i think gone are the days of prattling on about ourselves.
    i still prattle on my blog but it has changed. i used my blog as a way to connect…seek, search for my people. i found them. we talk facebook. we show stuff and blog on tumblr (although even now i’m tired of THAT cuz i’m just in overload mode).

    so dont take it personal that people aren’t lining up…i barely get comments anymore on my 3 years old blog 🙂

  3. Colleen Kole

    Thanks for your comments. I like blogging just feel silly sometimes talking on and on about myself. time to freshen up a bit in all that I do I guess. Kim – I like the communication part too.

    Paula- you never stop and I am always encouraged by how you just keep going and finding new ways.just trying to push myself and no i really am not offended b y lack of comments but wondering how to make things a little more exciting around here. you are right- i should have given my art away. what am I so afraid of?

  4. lcroswell

    I want to suggest that you may have readers for other reasons than the ones you stated. I always enjoy what you show and talk about but I primarily read your blog because you are my friend. It is a way for us to stay connected, to be involved in each others lives so we can encourage and support each other. I periodically check out artist blogs but the ones I seem to stick with are the ones with whom I have a personal connection.

  5. mad elena

    Don’t feel bad about the lack of responses! I’ve checked in with you, even before you’ve left comments on my blog, even before I met you last spring! I’ve really enjoy your posts, writing style and verve. I am amazed by what you do!

    Yes, I haven’t left a comment before. Only because reading is quicker than writing! I am conscientiously trimming my habits and commitments so I can spend more time on art and get more work done. There are many others in the same boat.

    As it is, I am feeling like such a sneak for stealing a few moments from work to tell you – don’t stop! Keep posting – doesn’t have to be every day. If it comes down to posting or making art – I vote for making art!

  6. Colleen Kole

    Lynne-well the friends is a given but I should have been more specific about new AND old friends. I put it in the reason why I blog but not in the readers part. You are too sweet-love and hugs!

    Miss mad elena- oh-no more sneaking at work…now I am contributing to bad work habits! I will keep going. I kind of like doing this even on a bad art day. Thanks for reminding me that no comments doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone has read this today!

  7. paula

    i dont think you should give your art away unless you are really ready to let it go and cannot sell it. you know, i have done that this year for the first time and it felt good but only because i am OUT OF ROOM and just need to move on.

    there are no shoulds to a blog other than do what YOU want 🙂 hey we bore people sometimes….we over do it and ignore our blogs and babble on….i like to think of a blog as my public sounding board. and a place people who really give a poo can find out whats going on if we aren’t in touch via other social services etc. you have a niche here. you have your people. and yeah we all need to yell HELLO are you still there sometimes 🙂
    if you keep doing your thing you will keep attracting your peeps.
    its a big world.


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