One More To Go


     I just finished this scarf for a friend. It is made out of really soft alpaca. One more left to do after this. Scarf that is. Also working on quilt #5. Almost ready for binding. In case, you wonder if I am still here. Just finding it hard to think of something very exciting to say!  Guess all the brain cells are being used to stay on track and finish chores these days.

I spent yesterday cleaning up my studio. The tables were overflowing with unfinished projects and I got tired of looking for things. Scraps were even placed in the appropriate drawers. Now, I feel lazy!

    A little caffeine should help that ! Are you making gifts? I haven’t for a few years but felt so inspired this year.

Have fun creating, my friends!

4 thoughts on “One More To Go

  1. Anonymous

    It seems like making a list & checking it twice is a good thing to do this time of year! So…
    Christmas gifts made this year…
    1 – a twin size quilt for a very special boy
    2 – a doll quilt & pillow for my niece
    3 – a knitted cap for my husband (knitting done, finishing the seam tonight)
    4 – fun glass magnets for a handful of folks
    5 – finally finished the advent quilt for my family
    6 – a few dozen cookies sent to family in Denver since the altitude messes with the recipe that’s a family favorite. It might not be fiber art or crafty, but I still made them!

    When I put it in a list like that, it makes me feel that perhaps I have actually been productive, even if I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels!

    Now onto that birthday party this weekend!…
    – Sharon

  2. Robbie

    I’m sure you’re still having fun making those gifts! It’s such a great way to give a little of ourselves in gift giving. As Beth Muerr (Until We Bead Again blog) said, “something from the heart and not WalMart”. i love that quote!


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