Photography Day: Meijer Gardens


     I have been saving my weekly photography “homework” for Sunday afternoons and usually drag some of the kids with me. But this week, with 60 degrees and sunny, no one wanted to come. They were too busy playing some kind of sport outside. So, I treated myself to a walk through a local botanical spot a few miles from my home, Frederik Meijer Gardens and Museum. It is filled with indoor and outdoor gardens and always some kind of art exhibit.

  I saw so many great lines and angles I just couldn’t stop taking inspiration pictures.


     Just balanced by the weight and angle of stone and nothing else. All stone transported here from Europe.

      Great sculptures.

     These guys just surprised me.

And more lines for you.

    These are all unedited. The goal for the past few weeks was just to learn to shoot in manual mode-no editing. I never knew that you could make your pictures look so great with Photoshop.( Yup, there was much eye-rollling by the two teenagers when I made that comment to them. And the question by college girl-please tell me you aren’t putting unedited photos anywhere Mom?)  I guess you just need to laugh at yourself when you have teen agers. As usual,  I have much to learn but am a willing victim! I can’t wait to do more.

Addendum- I am not making a quilt out of the last fabrics I just showed you -those were my rejects or dye-overs. Those were pretty bad colors. I’ll try not to scare you too badly next time.

      Be inspired by lines. Happy sewing my friends.

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