What If I Tried Something Else?

      After talking to an old friend, Linda, last night, I hung up the phone and pondered alternatives. What part of this creating process currently thrills me? (Keep it clean please.) My quick answer , of course, was adding color to the fabric. Not just dyeing of the fabric but any technique that adds color to the fabric. 

     So out comes the table and out comes everything else in the garage related to fabric and color.

    And then take that “color” and add it to my last study. 

     I only had a few tubes of acrylics and just went with  what I have. Not exactly great colors but that wasn’t the point, was it?
Mmmm….well I was able to try to add to where I thought the piece was lacking but couldn’t totally correct it. But I did learn one thing: Never fling acrylic paint in a fairly new garage. Thank goodness I moved the cars out. I liked how the acrylics emphasized the texture of the stitch. 
     I will dye fabrics today but not that many. I forgot to dye reds when I was in Vermont and I will take advantage of the hot weather today.
     Be creative, my friends. 

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