A Good Weekend

     It was a great weekend. We drove to Indianapolis for my son’s soccer tournament. It was crazy in Indy as it was the weekend for the Indy 500. The town was celebrating! The weather was steamy-90 and humid. Our team made it to the finals but lost 1-0. The boys weren’t really disappointed just happy to get off the hot fields-so were we! We were able to visit with my brother and sister-in-law too.

(He’s so grown up already-no more baby face).

We drove home and spent some time in the yard trying to get caught up on Monday. A bad storm early Monday left us with out power all day. My early summer flowers are really pretty now.

     And finally, after a long month of learning, I went to sew. I first ironed some of my class samples from our day of discharge dyeing at the Velda Newman class. It was fairly easy techniques using bleach.

Just used masking tape on these samples.

Freezer paper templates.

Paintbrush, dipping directly into it, etc. Just playing.

I am working on finishing a quilt I am actually getting paid for this week. At least that is my goal! And it’s the last week of school. I can hardly wait to have them be done. I just wanna play!

Happy Sewing, my friends!

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