A Great Weekend at VQF

     It has been a few years since I have attended the Vermont Quilt Festival. But this past weekend, I was able to spend  three glorious days soaking up quilts, classes and vendors. I even had the treat of seeing the show with a dear friend , Lynne, from Vermont as well.

     The first class I took was taught by the lovely and funny Katie Pasquini Masopust and titiled “Color”. We were asked to each bring 100 squares of fabric for the exercises. The first thing we did was a color wheel aiming for the most pure colors we could find on the table. Not so easy even though you know the color wheel. Or do you?

We compared our results and the results on black, white and grey.

Then we developed a mini composition with one grouping of the colors.

Analyzed magazine photos with regards to the colors that were used.

Interesting to see how many colors we were missing even though there were at least 2000 colors out on our table.

 And then moved on to the next day’s class which was composition.

More on that class tomorrow. Another great teacher. Sigh. So much to know but oh so good to have the opportunity to take all these classes.

Working on a baby quilt for a friend and a graduation quilt for my daughter this week. And overdyeing last week’s bad ones.

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