An odd Thing

Thus the title -which isn’t capitalized correctly.

In case you might question this:

I make quilts.

Quiltmaking is my medium. It is art. I am not afraid to say that I believe it is art.

I love doing what I do. I am not sure I care that others may not appreciate nor like my form of art.

I may over think this. But I had 2 people ask this week what I did all the time.

I make quilts. All the time. I sleep and I dream art. I spend 50-60 hours per week making art.

Quilts are art.

Period. End of discussion. Sigh.



6 thoughts on “An odd Thing

  1. Connie

    I think people don’t get it when they can’t see themselves doing this “in their retirement.” They don’t understand our passion. They think that if you put in that many hours, it must be a job. A job in the sense of putting in the time to make a living. A job can be fulfilling, and satisfy your needs, and perhaps you can be somewhat passionate about it while you are doing it. But this is where we are truly passionate, in creating something new and meaningful, within the work environment that we define. And it’s too bad if others can’t do that for themselves.

    1. Colleen Kole Post author

      Connie-Hi there!

      You nailed in that people don’t understand our passion for what we do! I have always loved it but now have the time to really pursue it. And I appreciate the time more than I can explain to others.

    1. Colleen Kole Post author

      Yes, Kat- joy and passion. Very rewarding to work this way! Keep going and you will get there soon.

    1. Colleen Kole Post author

      Retirement has been greatly appreciated. You need to work hard to connect outside the studio but its great fun.


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