Class Review: Lisa Call’s "Setting Goals"

     When I looked at the title, I have to admit that I really didn’t want to take another class about “time management” and “how to” make the best of my goals with skills I had. I thought about it and really struggled with whether to take this class. I had been in a management position for many years and had taken probably three classes in the past paid for by my employers on time management and goal setting.   I am highly motivated to move forward. Why would I need this?

    But with my art,  I knew I needed to push forward soon- as in NOW.

     And I knew that Lisa Call accomplishes lots of art in one year. And in order to move ahead, I needed a little info on what I was doing wrong.  So in I jumped.

      Four weeks later in an online class with Lisa and a handful of other students, I had a 10 year plan in place. I had a new direction for focusing on what was important on a daily and weekly basis. I know how to plan for the expected and unexpected. I am accountable to myself and a friend on a weekly basis. And I have stuck with weekly goals since February. I have changed and modified these goals. I am learning to not cave in and call myself a failure when I don’t meet my goals. I re-adjust to meet the goal.  I know what I need to do today in order to meet my art goals for the year. I  am a daily studio junkie and crave more time there. If it doesn’t happen, I get right back in there.

     You devote one month of homework to dreaming big and being honest with yourself about what you want for your art career.  You are involved with the larger group for questions and the 3 times weekly emails full of info in a private blog format. The assignments are private and assignment posting is only done between you and Lisa . (Whew -yes goals are fragile and very private.) She gives lots of feedback with weekly assignments and gives you constructive criticism as to your plan. And she calls you on foolish things that you are doing. Time wasters. But all of this is done in an effective manner as Lisa is a great coach and teacher.

    If you have the opportunity, jump to work with Lisa. I didn’t say run. I said jump. Leap. It will be worth it. I couldn’t have imagined having a 10 year plan in place before this class. Now I am just smiling and doing the work because I have a plan to make it happen.

    Lisa Call is also at the Barn in the fall 2013 for two classes.


4 thoughts on “Class Review: Lisa Call’s "Setting Goals"

  1. Connie in Alabama

    Thanks for posting on Lisa’s class. I’ve admired Lisa’s work and work-ethic for years. And it is really noticeable how you are getting work done and progressing. Love the big curvy bulls eye, and your quilting on it. Looking forward to more of your series work.

  2. dannielo

    If you’d like a tool for setting your goals, you can use this web application:

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