Crazy Times

     I am so looking forward to summer and a change in schedules. The end of the school year is always busy! Combine that with going away for a week in May and I was really far behind.

     Earlier this week, I helped out with the West Michigan Quilt Guild welcoming Bonnie Browning, the president of AQS, to Grand Rapids for a class and lecture. She shared with us some of the excitement of having a national quilting convention in our city: imagine 930 quilts and 350 vendors all under one roof.  I had no idea it was going to be so large! It is really exciting for our guild to volunteer there and our city. They are bringing many special quilt exhibits and one that looked intriguing was the Tentmakers of Cairo.

    The rest of the week I have been machine quilting on the never-ending piece. Every night I am stitching away and I wake up in the morning and feel as if I have made two inches of progress. This is a piece I should have really tracked how long it took me to machine quilt it. Because when someone asks the inevitable question of how long did that take me to do, I could answer: 7000 years. 🙂

     I hope to start dyeing this weekend as I have used up my deep red fabrics.

    If anyone wants to come and visit, the American Quilt Society Show will be here August 22-25th. Read about it here.


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