Deep in The Rabbit Hole

     I signed up for an 8 week online class with Lisa Call called “Working In A Series“.  It actually was my Christmas present from my husband, Marc. Yes, a very sweet man who encouraged me to try it . Ok, I begged and he agreed for it to be my present. I really need nothing else.

     Well, there is no “trying it”. I am deep in the rabbit hole soaking it all up , pondering, making right brain meet left brain (ouch-very painful experience) , stomping occasionally having little fits and thinking things through in ways I never have before. Starting and starting again.

     The online format to me was questionable with an art class. But Lisa has methodically and meticulously set up a private blog forum for the class. We receive e-mails three times weekly with loads of reference material and can post questions on the blog as much as we would like. That is in addition to lectures via conference calls -five 90 minute lectures. The first one was Sunday night and we are off and running with potential ideas for a series. Assignments are given and due dates described with finished work posted on the private blog.

     I have to admit that I have not had intention, theme or meaning associated with my art. A whole new world is opening up for me. I am working hard and not ready to share yet. But I will. When I am ready. I am going to take my time with this one and try to push myself to understand working in a series.

     Right now, I am deep, deep in the rabbit hole doing the work.

    If you have an inclination to take her class, jump in. Soon. Lisa is a wonderful teacher.  Week one assignment due Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Deep in The Rabbit Hole

  1. Diane Perin Hock

    I would love to take Lisa’s class one of these days and I’m glad to hear you’re having a good experience. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the work that you produce through this!


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