Don’t Stop Now

     It has been almost a week since I last wrote. Where did the week go? Everything has ramped up in speed and just keeps going. I have been busy, too, both with making gifts and enjoying some of my  Christmas events.

    Marc and I went to the UICA’s Holiday Artisan Market on Friday night. I was really surprised at the amount of people that were there and it was difficult to move around and see everyone’s booths.  I hope that they find a new solution next year for these artists because it was not conducive to shopping.  I did buy a beautiful pair of earrings to gift but felt sorry for artists whose booths were blocked by odd table placement.  I look forward to that event and it was rather disappointing because of the venue- not the art. I, also, went to the Lowell Artisans Market on Saturday. It was definitely a better venue and the crowds didn’t overwhelm the merchandise. (Yes, I am looking for a place to sell things next year. )

     I am currently working on my sister’s gift. I have the top and back pieced and need to sandwich it for the machine quilting. When I measured it last night, I had a slight bit of panic as this little couch throw is 52×56 inches. It will take some time to quilt it so I better get going this week. A good goal would be to finish it by the end of the week…or earlier.

    Also started and on the design wall is a table runner for my friend. Easy to work on while I was stuck on the other project.

    And lining up these strips yesterday was just pure procrastination. Just plain and simple procrastination. No more of that this month. The list is written and in process.

      Now off to look for my insurance agent’s phone number to report my crash through a closed garage door this weekend. Of course, it had to be the 6 month old car. Oh how stupid I felt when I did that. Humbling but at least no one was hurt but the garage and the car.

   Be creative, my friends.


One thought on “Don’t Stop Now

  1. Elizabeth B

    I love the piece you’re working on…hmmm, maybe your sister wouldn’t notice if I borrowed it for under MY tree? Sorry to hear about the car incident–hopefully it was just the car & door that got hurt!


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