Finally Finished Fireworks on the Fourth

     It was a picture perfect day here in Vermont. Enjoyed the great outdoors and stayed away from crowds with the exception of fireworks in the mountains. Walk, bike, read, relax, barbecue and stitch. What more could you ask for?

Kind of hazy but a great breeze and sun.

Fireworks are really hard to capture. Just when your lens focuses, they are gone.

Fireworks 2011, 17×24 

This isn’t a piece I like but just a piece that needed to be finished. So, I could finally finish something! And move on. The fabric reminded me of fireworks and I had fun adding some big stitch to it. ( I am really tired of these neons so you will be as relieved as I am that I am moving on.)

    And if you put the fun back into it, it sure goes quickly. Which leads me to the question, why would I be finishing things I really didn’t want to do?

    Be creative, my friends and make something you enjoy doing.

One thought on “Finally Finished Fireworks on the Fourth

  1. Robbie

    Well, I really like the neon colors in this piece!! i think it’s great as is the design of it! Not sure about you but between being raised strict Catholic and by a German aunt…I feel guilty if I don’t finish my pieces!! Plus, I have to have all my work done before I ‘play in my art work’!! But guess it could be worse! Again, I love this piece!!


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