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     I do love the end of the week. And as promised , I  have a giveaway for you. It’s a thank you for being faithful friends for the past year while I learned to blog . You have inspired me. So now to pass the inspiration back, or to let you inspire someone else, I have some freebies for you.  On each Friday for the next four weeks, I will announce a give away. You need only to comment and let me know about one creative thing that you did in the past week. Maybe it was taking a great photo of your kids. Or you finished the binding on a quilt. Or a painting in a journal.  Or drew a sketch of something you intend to make. You certainly know what creative is!

    On the following Friday, I will announce the winner and the next giveaway. The giveaway is something that inspired or prompted me to do something creative.

     For this week, it’s a small journal, a Pitt pen and case for your pencils. I started using a journal about a year ago and can’t live without it in my backpack or purse. It goes where I go. Just like my camera, phone and car keys.

     So leave a comment and let me know one creative thing that you did this past week. I’ll start. I finished a small stitch sampler on linen in which I practiced four of Leah Day‘s  machine quilting fillers: etch n sketch, flame, bamboo and checkerboard. Small so I could actually accomplish something! A little imperfect work of the week.

                                                               Work of the Week #9
    Be creative, my friends. Leave a comment on this post and I will enter you in this week’s giveaway.

7 thoughts on “Free Friday Inspiration

  1. Anonymous

    Please do not enter me in the give-away. Having not utilized my last give-away win yet, I couldn’t bear the guilt! But I do have a question regarding your Leah Day quilting. Did you have any problem with bending needles? I went through 5 needles in about 30-40min and finally gave up. Considering it was my first time attempting free-motion quilting, the stitch results weren’t too bad, but I would hear the inevitable and then came the skipped stitches of a bent needle. Any tips for me? This is a technique I really want to learn!
    – Sharon

  2. Colleen Kole

    Aren’t you a good girl-usually no guilt in stash but I won’t enter you.

    I usually use Schmetz quilting needles -are you lowering the feeddogs ? Also no tugging in order to get the quilt to move.

  3. Anonymous

    Those are the needles I just bought, but haven’t tried again with them. Feeddogs are down. What do you mean no tugging in order to get the quilt to move? I don’t feel like I’m “tugging”, but rather attempting to move in a steady manner. I know it takes practice, but I wasn’t prepared for the added expense of all these needles! Thankfully I’ve only done this on scrap sandwiches, so no harm done to any patchwork! 🙂

  4. Gail Baar

    OK, Colleen, I made 4 black and white quilts, and learned a lot about design. Now I am attempting a quilt in color, hopefully putting to use what I have learned. I tried some things I have seen others do, but as it turned out, I didn’t like it myself. I know I have to start with colors I love, and now have to make sure I consider contrast. I have fabric all over the place!

  5. patty a.

    I have been stitching together small pieces that I am quilting and will mount on canvas. I just cannot throw away my small pieces of hand dyed fabric so these little pieces use those off cuts up.


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