More Than One Year Later

     I can’t believe I missed this. I have been blogging for more than a year now. I looked back and this is my 170th post and I started last October. I remember how hard the first post was. I had a million excuses. I don’t know how to use the technology I might need. I have awful pictures. What would I say after the first few posts? Would anyone really care? Do I really want to be an artist ? Would others really care about hearing about all my mistakes  and this journey? Do I know anything that might inspire someone else?

    Well I figured out , in the end , I am just a gopher.( Not an artist yet :).   I need to stick myself out of the hole- a sometimes lonesome hole because I usually work alone-and see if anyone is out there. I love reading what you are doing. Thus, my blog list. Is anyone doing the same thing I am? Whether it be dyeing fabric, designing or just making something else fun to see. I am inspired beyond belief by others and I enjoy how freely others share their feelings and their process.

   I have done this, not only to share what I have done, but for the connections made. I thank you so  for the new friendships I have made. I couldn’t have believed a year ago I would have met so many new friends through blogging. And had an opportunity to meet and share their journey. I have re-connected with old friends and been able to share in their successes. Great big tears of joy I have cried for them and they don’t even know it because they can’t see me.I love seeing what their hands and mind have created.  How sweet is their success when they have worked so hard. And I was able to share in it because they shared  through their blogs.

    Thank you for putting up with my awful pictures, my poor grammar and my, often, unedited posts. Thanks for your technology advice. Silly, silly girl that I am! Most of all, again thanks for your friendships and taking time to read out of your busy day.

    Guess I need to learn to say instead  of “I can’t do this” ,  “I will do this “.

     Be creative, my friends! I better think of a giveaway to celebrate.

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