An Appointment

     I have an appointment. No-not to have my head examined. But with Leah Day of Day Style Designs who has put together an awesome amount of tutorials about free motion quilting. I have been spending maybe thirty minutes a day practicing some of these design on her blog. She is a great teacher and her tutorials found there are extremely helpful. And FREE. When I think of free motion quilting, I think of huge feathers or swirly things which don’t lend well with what I am currently doing.  When I scanned her tutorials, she has many designs or suggestions that I could use.

Already, I have found two things most helpful-to put a book by my foot pedal and to wear gloves-consistently. I didn’t like wearing them at first but feel they help me.

I am tired of using my walking foot for machine quilting but never have been able to make free motion quilting “work” for me. I am always willing to try again. And I wanted a break from miserable design flops.

 It also works on a day when I know I don’t have the whole day to devote to piecing or design. Thirty minutes can be squeezed in anywhere, can’t it?

Be creative, my friends!

***my daughter is goofing around with my blog this week for her graphics deign class so bear with me while she keeps changing it.Who knows, it needs to be re-done anyway!****

3 thoughts on “An Appointment

  1. Anonymous

    You’re timing of this post is impeccable! I’ve finished a top (slightly smaller than a twin), sandwiched, basted & begun machine quilting only to rip out 3 full rows. I’d LOVE to free motion quilt it, but my practice rounds are downright miserable. I’ll have to go check out these tutorials! Thanks for the lead!
    – Sharon

  2. lcroswell

    What does the book by your foot pedal do? I think the key to this is practice on a regular basis. And I don’t like the gloves but I do like the little rubber finger cots you can buy at Staples. I wear four of them, two on each hand.
    I’ll check out the tutorials later when I have more time.

  3. Colleen Kole

    Sharon- you will like the info here! I thought of you while I was stitching today!

    Lynne- book under your heel to lift your foot up -in more contact with the presser foot -she says it gives you more control over varying the speed. No shoes on-barefoot.


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